JCN Bolig is expanding with a focus on terraced houses

16 May 2022

JCN Bolig is now expanding the business area with a new ambitious section within terraced houses.

Rækkehusprojekt i Gl. Egå Rækkehusprojekt i Gl. Egå

Since the reorganization of JCN Bolig in 2013 to become The housing construction specialists, JCN Bolig has experienced great success. 8 years of growth and consistent results to be among the best in the industry. We are now expanding the business area with a new ambitious section within terraced houses.

At JCN Bolig, we make an effort to be a good business partner for developers BtB, but quite a few times we have had to disappoint customers. Terraced house projects were not part of the product range. The focus has been on Multi-storey apartment blocks in Jutland and Copenhagen, which have been the foundation for the years-long growth.

"We are not just starting with terraced houses - we are establishing a dedicated section for the new business area. The market for larger terraced house projects for rental has developed a lot in recent years and there are many projects under development. At the same time, we are experiencing increasing demand from our existing customers such as pension funds, investment funds and development companies. We have several employees with a background in the standard house and terraced house industry and now we are looking for a section director to lead the development of the new section," says managing director Flemming V.T. Rasmussen.

The formation of the section for terraced houses will not have any impact on the growth ambitions for the core area "Multi-storey apartment blocks". Here we continue to work with the growth we have - controlled growth, which has been the trademark for the operation of JCN Bolig over the past 8 years.

The expansion with a new section takes place at the same time that the market and society in general are facing an uncertain future. However, this does not change the fact that we continue to see great potential within the terraced house market. On the contrary, you can say that with this investment we will get a wider product range and become less vulnerable to fluctuations in the market. Flemming V.T. Rasmussen adds; "We have the right product. The concept has been tryed on the first order, which is on its way in our order book. We therefore know with certainty that we can hit the market with the right price level. And it will be with the level of quality and attention to quality assurance and working environment that is a trademark of JCN Bolig.”

Based on the current primary markets in Central and Eastern Jutland and Zealand, JCN Bolig wants to have the primary activity on terraced houses here as well, but otherwise wants to cover Denmark as a whole. JCN Bolig can deliver everything in housing construction to BtB customers. Everything from terraced houses, holiday homes, youth housing, terraced housing and renovation of housing.

JCN Bolig expects to present the new "section director for terraced houses" after the summer holidays.

For further information, contact managing director Flemming V. T Rasmussen on tel.: 2724 7720.