Who are we?
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JCN Bolig is a professional construction company and housing construction specialist. We work solely in the B2B market. We are a competitive and specialist company, which supported by time management, talented tradesmen in our own in-house production and dedicated project managers, is able to deliver quality housing.


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Nine insights into JCN Bolig

  • JCN Bolig is built on strong values. Professionalism, collaboration, competence and strong engagement are at the heart of what we do
  • We create trust through professionalism. We are truthful and dependable. We treat each other and our customers with respect. With us, quality is all-encompassing
  • We are specialists in housing construction – no matter whether it is multi-storey apartment blocks, low-lying/close together housing, student apartments or renovation, you get the most value for your money
  • We have our own in-house production with element assembly, concrete and carpentry. We do not execute all of the work – only where we are the best and least expensive
  • We provide developers with certainty via a well-functioning building process, handing over to deadlines without deficiencies and to agreed budgets
  • We have 82 years of experience
  • We are socially responsible. We have trained 214 apprentices in concrete and carpentry. We always have trainees from engineering and construction education programmes
  • We are environmentally aware. We focus on sustainability and use environmentally certified waste disposal arrangements
  • We are among the top 10% in the construction industry in terms of financial performance, and customer and employee satisfaction

At JCN Bolig, we simply want to be the best in B2B housing construction

Our work is based on the following set of values:

Competence - Collaboration - Professionalism - Engagement

What our customers say

JCN Bolig are a professional partner that creates trust

"With this project they have succeeded in complying with the timeframe and financial requirements. Its execution was professional.”

Kristian Wind Jensen, Østjysk Bolig

I can wholeheartedly recommend JCN Bolig

"Especially because of their flexible and pragmatic approach to solving problems and because they comply with budgets and deadlines. In addition, there have been very few errors with their work. They delivered a high-quality project, which made us feel that we had gotten a great deal for our money.”

Bjarne Wissing, Boligforeningen af 10. marts

JCN Bolig have made great efforts in this task  

"They have shown a lot of respect for the task they were given. The task was carried out with a high level of quality and within the time frame. In addition, the task was completed even faster than was agreed.”

Torben Dreier, FO-Aarhus

Employee Satisfaction + Customer Satisfaction = Results

... is the way we operate JCN Bolig!


Professionalism is at the heart of our work

It is important for us that we treat all construction projects professionally. This means that we are known to be a strong and conscientious partner who meets its obligations. Regardless of whether we are the general contractor or turnkey contractor, we work closely with consulting engineers and architecture firms.

Our preferred market is the housing construction market, covering projects up to DKK 500 million, located in East Jutland and in Greater Copenhagen.



Our employees must make a difference

We have a sound workplace, where there is space for diversity. We want our employees to choose to remain with the company for many years. It is therefore important that as a company we create the best framework for job satisfaction and provide extra value.

Very passionate people with very small egos

Our employees are talented and diverse. We want individualists but we do not want egoists.

Contakt us

Flemming Rasmussen

General Manager

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Flemming Rasmussen

Benny Maagaard

Technical Director

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Benny Maagaard

Lars Adamsen

Sales and Development Director

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Lars Adamsen