Exchange/sounding out of ideas with project developers ...

JCN Bolig was established in 1941 and has just celebrated its 80th anniversary. The company changed its strategic focus in 2013. The dream was to provide customers with the very best specialist exchanging/sounding out of ideas via unique references and using the experience we had from B2B housing construction. We did not “just” want to be a turnkey contractor that provided the exchange/sounding out of ideas to customers – we are housing construction specialists, providing the exchange/sounding out of ideas, resources and much more.

Now eight years after this change in strategy, the dream has become a reality. We have built more than 5,000 homes for different clients, project developers, developers, etc. And many more housing projects are on the way. As housing construction specialists, JCN Bolig has hit the mark, and our customers can see the specialisation in the projects, and we have become the partner that sounds out/exchanges ideas with customers that we dreamed of becoming.

In the last eight years we have tailored our organisation to be the best partner in exchanging/sounding out ideas. We also have a very experienced sales team that utilises the largest organisation in the sector for the calculation of project optimisation in terms of turnover. Our large team of approximately 20 employees are the driving force creating not just project-specific calculations – but optimised project calculations. JCN Bolig always prepares two calculations for every project. One for the actual tender and an optimised project where the customer can choose or not choose in a fully open collaboration.

At JCN Bolig, the majority of construction projects are calculated in an open process between the customers right up to the signing of the contract, because is through collaboration that a project is optimised. This is how JCN Bolig works best – open, constructively and in close collaboration. There are many specialist employees involved in the processes, whom all optimise the projects and create a high success rate.

This is why JCN Bolig thrives in collaboration with project developers, because it is during the start-up phase, through the calculations, that the greatest potential to impact the projects in a good, constructive dialogue with architects and engineers. From the very beginning, we incorporate a large number of references from comparable projects so we get the most out of the budget. JCN Bolig builds approximately 700 homes annually – that’s practically a reference in itself.

When the budget numbers are known, we offer all of our customers in project development to make use of our comprehensive set-up to calculate estimates on the projects – on the basis of the execution of major housing projects, so that the project developer can quickly acquire financial overviews of a described project – so that the financial overviews are visible before you have progressed too far in the project. 

If a project developer needs a partner to take a project to the next level, JCN Bolig loves to find the right financial model and we can use our network of property investors. 

We are therefore proud that we can welcome the project developer to JCN Bolig – we are your specialist in housing construction and a partner you can exchange and sound out ideas with!