Sustainable constriction is the tomorrow’s construction

One of the greatest change challenges that people face today is the creation of a more sustainable world. Sustainability undoubtably plays a major role when it comes to major carbon footprints and e.g. the utilisation of more sustainable and reusable construction materials. At JCN Bolig we feel obligated to take responsibility and contribute to the development of creating a construction sector that day-to-day is more sustainable. Our strategy in sustainability is this:  

Sustainability = Common sense

We are one of the first the turnkey contractors to practice certified construction in the form of DGNB-certified projects. Today, we have completed no less than seven certified projects in housing construction. We are proud to uses these certified projects as references.

In addition to sustainable building, we have chosen to actively take on tasks that relate directly to sustainability. We are thus at the forefront and help the industry with e.g. focussing on reducing waste and minimising the use of resources by reusing construction materials from other buildings, etc.
We aim to be the company that contributes expertise and exchanges and sounds out ideas that helps in the transformation to a sustainable future. We are always ready to effectively sound out and exchange ideas with our customers. For example, what are newest trends, what certification options are available, what is practically possible and how do we tackle the financial framework? We have our own three specially educated experts in sustainability who love to exchange and sound out ideas.
We have real projects as reverences, we have expert knowledge, and we can provide the necessary exchange/sounding out of ideas – and we are a significant operator in the B2B housing market. 

We take responsibility for sustainability – which means we can say:
We are sustainability and housing construction specialists!

Sustainability initiatives

The green transformation of society is a continuous process, which is constantly developing. Our approach is based on common sense and responsible economics adapted to suit the project, in collaboration and in dialogue with our customers, which means we can contribute to making the right choices and rejections and thus meeting desired expectations.

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Sustainability consultants

Sustainable technology is under constant development but there is a need to challenge existing solutions when new products and construction methods shall be implemented. Our in-house sustainability consultants and project managers love to lead from the front in a dialogue with the authorities and consultants. Open dialogue and ongoing alignment of expectations ensures that the collaboration on sustainability in the individual project. 

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Social sustainability

We take responsibility for our employees, our industry and wider society. We always have trainees from engineering and construction education programmes, and we provide students with access to our construction projects and sites.

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Certification schemes

In collaboration with customers, consultants and authorities, we meet the project’s desired ambitions within sustainability. We are experienced in attaining several types of certifications and can help to select the most appropriate scheme and manage the process from start to finish. We are housing construction specialists, and based on sound common sense, we also build greener, more sustainable housing for our customers.

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