Sustainability consultants

Our in-house sustainability consultants, Jens Pedersen and Rasmus Fynbo Pedersen, are specially qualified in the certification of new buildings. They function as consultants in connection with the design phase where they also are responsible for calculation and budget. They can be incorporated from the project’s earliest phase and provide consultation on, among other things, the DGNB scheme’s sustainable overall consideration, the Nordic Ecolabel and the voluntary sustainability scheme. This ensures the implementation of the chosen initiatives and solutions through the project’s different phases.

The collection of experience from the individual projects is important. Data collection is one of the first steps in a sustainable transformation, but on its own has no worth. Experience is taken and used with the coming project and the processes that are beneficial for sustainability.

JCN Bolig has also designated an in-house manager for sustainability. Project manager Lars Juul Andersen works on the basis of a sales perspective with the implementation of sustainability in JCN Bolig. In collaboration with management, our sustainability policy is defined, as a business and in relation to projects. We must as a company be ready for the requirements of tomorrow, including CO2 emissions, certification and competence development. Our employees therefore are trained on courses and educational programmes on an ongoing basis to improve the organisation for tomorrow’s environmental requirements.

The education programme “Sustainable construction”
is derived from “We build Denmark”, which is a partnership between the Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) and Realdania. Here selected key JCN Bolig employees are participating in different course up until the summer holiday period of 2022. The subjects covered are very relevant and relate to sustainability within: Construction sites, materials, renovation, conversion.

Certification and marketing schemes
Certification schemes are a way of documenting the level of sustainability in the project. There are many different schemes and marks that focus on different aspects and areas within sustainability. There is as yet no common framework for the documentation in the different certification schemes. This makes it difficult to benchmark and compare projects across the schemes. Together with our talented consultants, we can create an overview, so that the most beneficial certification for the project and ambitions is chosen. All elements that award points in a certification process must be documented from the beginning of the project. Together with our talented consultants, JCN Bolig can manage the process from the very beginning of the project.

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