Sustainability initiatives

The green transformation of society is a continuous process, which is constantly developing. Our approach is based on common sense and responsible economics adapted to suit the project, in collaboration and in dialogue with our customers, which means we can contribute to making the right choices and rejections and thus meeting desired expectations.

Based on the UN’s 17 sustainable development goals, we can make a difference, both as a company and in relation to projects. It takes more than just using sustainable materials on a construction project. Sustainability requires a balanced approach to the following three parameters: finances, social sustainability and environmental sustainability. Building and construction activities both have a big impact on climate. This means we have an important role to play.

Sustainable building already starts in the concept and planning phase. It is therefore important that collaboration between the project’s partners and consultants is established as early as possible in order to meet requirements, criteria and expectations. Our goal, regardless of whether we are building a new building, renovating or converting and existing building, is that we provider solutions that correspond with the project’s desired sustainability.
We believe that economics, responsibility and sustainability can be brought together successfully in housing construction. In collaboration with our customers and consultants, we can focus on strengthening the circular approach through the choice of materials, a healthy indoor climate and responsible operations.

Green power
JCN Bolig has entered into a contract on the purchase of 100% of its total energy consumption from wind power. This means that we only use climate-friendly electrical power. The electricity we use is supplied by Vindenergi Danmark, generated by wind power turbines located in Denmark.

The power supplied by these wind power turbines does not generate greenhouse emissions, .i.e. no CO2 emissions and no particle pollution of the air. There is always green power in a power socket on a JCN Bolig construction sites and workplaces. 

Shared electric cars
At JCN Bolig we have construction projects where we have implemented shared electric cars in housing construction projects with charging stations and servicing through a collaboration agreement with our electrical power utility, Aura El. Their mission is to support and actively contribute in the development of a sustainable society and they are experts in the operation of shared electric cars schemes among local communities.

Construction materials
The market for recycled materials is growing strongly. Recycling, upcycling and reuse are high on the list when planning and building sustainably. At JCN Bolig, we are not afraid to challenge ingrained thinking and enter into dialogue with the building's partners about succeeding in our ambitions on sustainability so that we ensure the use of sustainable construction materials. 

We have excellent experience in finding the right solutions and at the same time have an overview of the documentation and how it affects environmental certification.

Wood as a construction material
We focus a great deal on making wood a natural choice of construction material in Danish buildings. Wood is a sustainable and renewable resource that can be re-used. Wood absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere when it grows and will continue to store CO2 during its lifetime when used in construction. On disposal, wood can be utilised for energy production or used as a natural part of nature’s ecosystem. The low energy consumption involved in producing wood and wood-based solutions seriously sets it apart from other construction materials such as concrete. And wood has a huge recycling potential in wooden structures – even after many decades.

At JCN Bolig, we love to help make sustainability simple and manageable, regardless of the level of wishes, needs and ambitions if you want to build with wood and want to know how it differs in the constriction process.

Apprentices and trainees
JCN Bolig is an excellent workplace, with room for diversity. Every year we share our expert knowledge with the next generation and prioritise educating young people.

We are incredibly proud whenever one of our apprentices becomes a qualified professional, and as of 1 December 2021, we have successfully trained 212 apprentices. Every year we have 8–12 trainees who complete a challenging and stimulating practical course, where they assist talented contract managers and run their own projects. 10% of our salaried employees are former trainees.

We are very much aware that we are a team, and apprentices and trainees are an important part of JCN Bolig’s DNA. Employees at JCN Bolig often stay with the company for many years because we create the best framework for work satisfaction and creates extra value for projects. 

Excellent working environment and also sustainability
We are often presented with requirements in tender documents on social causes and orderly working conditions, choice of sustainable construction materials, and requirements for the handling of waste. Creating a good and safe working environment is a crucial part of our values and priorities. The subcontractors we work with are also subject to stringent requirements. The use of sustainable materials gores hand-in-hand with the social aspects in sustainability. There is no point build with green materials if this is done with poor working conditions. At a JCN Bolig construction site, work complies with collective bargaining agreement conditions and the working environment is given a high priority. Our partners are not only contractually obligated, they are also expected to contribute to a healthy and safe working environment: in an open and constructive dialogue with our construction management. Our technical project manager Marianne Mejlgaard visits all projects on an ongoing basis. 

She carries out audits and exchanges and sounds out ideas with the construction management and tradesmen in relation to the working environment and health and safety. 

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