Certification schemes

At JCN Bolig, we build a lot of housing focusing on sustainability, where the projects are certified with the most common certification schemes within the industry. We work with targeted certifications through a strategic approach to the green transformation and want to be the best in building sustainable, green housing for our customers.

In collaboration with customers and consultants, we meet the desired ambitions within sustainability and choose the most appropriate certification for a project, creating more value and at the same time leading from the front in terms of technology and the technical challenges that are created.

Below is a brief description of selected certification schemes we provide to our customers: 

Meets many aspects of sustainability within the areas of the environment, economics and social conditions. A total of 49 criteria are evaluated. Depending on the ambitions of the project, the aim is to achieve DGNB platinum, gold or silver certification. In addition, there are several supplementary marks. A DGNB certification is very to a high degree a sustainability certification, focussing on the overall finances, where each certification scheme focuses more on the environment.

JCN Bolig has executed projects that have DGNB gold and silver certification. We have described some DNGB reference projects in this website, including our project in Lisbjerg, which is part of the section “Made in Aarhus”.

Voluntary sustainability scheme
This scheme is expected to be obligatory in 2023 and shall boost sustainable construction based on the building regulations. The use of the scheme shall not make construction more expensive. Investments shall be recovered in the form of better long-term value and reduced operation and maintenance costs, i.e. from an overall financing viewpoint. The sustainability requirement will take the form of the functional requirements that we know from the building regulations, where as much as possible it can be assessed as having been met.

Nordic Ecolabel
The Nordic Ecolabel is a stringent environmental certification labelling system, which ensures products have the least climatic impact. It is Denmark’s strong environmental label, which looks at the product’s total impact during the entire lifecycle. Focus areas include sustainable wood, chemicals, and substances in construction materials that are hazardous to health.

Construction that carries the Nordic Ecolabel can be combined with DGNB certification.

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