Low-lying - Terrace houses

Projects with low-lying housing are one of JCN Bolig’s strongest segments.

With projects with low-lying/close together housing, we have the opportunity to mix the different construction forms that we use for housing construction. We combine all forms – from completely light construction using wood and plasterboard, to steel and concrete elements. Often, all types of construction as used in the same housing project. We do this because a housing project is a mix of different units, such as bathrooms, load-bearing façade walls, partition walls and balconies.

All of this is done in a common dialogue with the engineering and architectural aspects, so that the visual and technical construction understanding are taken into account and above all, a building is made that provides value to both the owner and residents for many years to come. 

We have excellent references in this area, with associated satisfied developers. And very happy residents.

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Michael Ørgaard

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