In-house production

In-house production

JCN Bolig has its own tradesmen working in element assembly, carpentry and concrete. This ensures that we can quickly initiate projects and in critical areas relating to construction and timeframe, we can use our own people. In this way we use own people, for example, for quality assurance with the execution of the finish of the housing construction, and to erect most of the shell, which is often critical for the timeframe.

Using our own production we can bring together the best of both worlds ...
where the turnkey contractor at all times gets the best and lowest prices on the market and where the construction contractor with their extensive professional competence can quickly initiate the work and conceive alternative forms of execution. Something that often moves the price the most. We will always be 100% competitive. If our own people are not the best and least expensive for the specific work, we use external labour.

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HIf you have questions please contact:

Head of in-house production
Klaus Klok Kallesøe