Multi-storey apartment blocks

Multi-storey apartment blocks were the first types of building that JCN Bolig built.

Over time this changed, as did our name, from JCN to JCN Bolig. We are now housing construction specialists, and only carry out B2B projects. Our first housing project with PKA Pension was such an astounding success for the developer and for JCN Bolig, that we believed we could do something really unique with our housing construction specialisation. The project in Skejby has been used as a reference in countless other multi-storey construction projects. After Skejby, we completed many projects throughout Aarhus, East Jutland and Zealand. In fact, we have built over 2,500 homes. 

With multi-storey apartment blocks, we learned that you had to be extremely precise with the construction and the interior design of the apartments. Even the slightest deviation or imprecise architectural positioning of e.g. the building’s technical room or the thickness of insulation, can lead to a very large difference in income from future rental income. JCN Bolig is proud to not only optimise its own buildings, but also together with the developer, to optimise the building’s subsequent operation and its rental income.

Last but not least, projects with multi-storey apartment blocks are often located in dense urban settlements. It is therefore highly advantageous if the turnkey contractor has experience. There are many things that need to be taken into consideration, e.g. if the municipality wants no noise during the hours of night or the police do not want traffic during daylight hours. There are always unforeseen challenges, which require a pragmatic and solution-oriented turnkey contractor.

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