Social sustainability

At JCN Bolig, we are very much aware that we are a team and that every employee plays an important role in ensuring construction projects succeed. We take responsibility for our employees, our industry and wider society.

We always have trainees from engineering and construction education programmes, and we provide students with access to our construction projects and sites. We exchange and sound out ideas and provide inspiration at technical colleges with the choice of degree projects, which best meet our values relating to collaboration, decency and professionalism.

Our own in-house production employs a large number of apprentices working in carpentry and concrete. As of 1 January 2022, we have trained 214 apprentices. 

At JCN Bolig, we always try to involve and engage local residents when we start a new construction project. This can be in the form of information meetings and shared events. We also love to have ambassadors in the local community, for example, we had a major renovation project, where we hired a local re-rousing consultant who managed the transition to temporary housing while the renovation work was underway. At the same time, we recruited local people for ad hoc tasks, and we recruited local people to monitor and carry out security surveillance outside working hours, etc. This created an involving environment among local residents, with good relationships and an excellent way of engaging with young people who live in the area. This resulted in some local young people becoming apprentices in our company and they gained a trade.

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