We build new buildings – but we renovate too

And here especially, our own tradesmen make a huge difference. We have our own tradesmen working in concrete, element erection and carpentry. A renovation project requires a very high level of management. In contrast to new construction, you do not completely know what tomorrow will bring or precisely how long the project will take. It is therefore necessary to have excellent management and detailed control of the construction site. Our own tradesmen are an active part of this.

In close collaboration with the company’s consultants, we have developed forms of building that make it possible to build in an energy efficient way via insulation, special windows, solar cells, etc. We have combined excellent tradesmen standards with making elements and other parts well away from the construction site, and which fit the first time! We also combine the competencies with a specialised capability at the office. The cassettes are manufactured on a set-up on the site using a roller table, lifting table, etc., just like if it was a factory. The construction materials arrive in specified amounts and with precise dimensions. Everything, from precisely measured façades designed in REVIT. Difficult access conditions on the construction site, excellent craftsmanship, modern production and the latest IT know-how all comes together when JCN Bolig carries out energy renovations.

We have more than 80 years of experience. We know what challenges that buildings from different time periods are hiding. It is expertise that is always useful and often turns out to be crucial for success.

We have many reference projects and love to show them. The most noteworthy is probably in Gellerup, where we were responsible for the “Gellerup Gate”. An apartment block that is dissected by a road. Existing apartments must be renovated. A number of new apartments must be added to the block. And truthfully, a renovation project doesn’t get more exciting than this … Denmark’s best and most difficult renovation reference.

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