Micro-living project for NPV in Copenhagen, 11,543 m2 plus basement

15 March 2022

Sydhavnsgade consist of 333 micro-living apartments and 17 hotel apartments. Start-up in the spring.

Sydhavnsgade in Copenhagen Sydhavnsgade in Copenhagen


Sydhavnsgade consists of 333 micro-living apartments and 17 hotel apartments. Start-up in the spring. 

The micro-living project on Sydhavnsgade is an exciting and above all complex project, where architecture and community are paramount. The high façade is placed directly facing one of southern Copenhagen’s major traffic routes, Sydhavnsgade. NPV is the project developer and contract holder. The project was sold on to a foreign development foundation. The architect is Vandkunsten and AB Clausen is responsible for the engineering services. 

The ground floor of the micro-living project on Sydhavnsgade will have large transparent glass windows, creating a sense of openness and community, and therefore most of the communal activities are also concentrated here. The 1st to the 7th storey are made up of micro-living apartments and smaller communal areas are strategically located so that the future residents will have easy access to them. The building roof is constructed as a staggered and differentiated roof terrace, where a large pergola runs the entire length of the building, functioning partly as a noise barrier but also dividing the terrace into zones.

JCN Bolig provided an estimate for Sydhavnsgade to NPV in the spring of 2021, which NPV reviewed.  The company subsequently wanted us to carry out the comprehensive calculation, which was prepared from September to November and the project was optimised and presented to NPV. 

We work with an open calculation, so that NPV can be involved and see how we calculate and make optimisations in order to achieve financing and quality that the foreign investor has purchased. At JCN Bolig, when we operate with an open calculation, where the customer can see all of the figures, we base the collaboration on a high level of trust, but it also gives us a certainty in the construction when you gain an insight into how we calculate and how we cover the costs. The customers can also see which risks we carry for our contribution margin and yes, it is a guarantee that we are also still here in a year or five years from now and thus are a stable construction partner.

Sydhavnsgade shall be DGNB Gold certified, and this requires that different choices are made. The construction materials must have EPD documentation and approval, and we must, for example, minimise the use of concrete and add more wood to the construction where this is possible. The façades will be green, with green energy and a green form of heating and we have several social initiatives in the construction process. 

NPV have a fully prepared project that can start immediately. Everything is described and the regulatory compliance review is complete. We have just finished an execution project and will begin ground preparation in May. The final construction task will according to plan begin after the summer holiday when the final planning permission has been given.

The Sydhavnsgade micro-living project has a gross area of 11,543 m2 plus a 1,300 m2 basement for storage and bicycles.

Developer: NPV                           

Architect: Vandkunsten

Engineer: AB Clausen